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How to Write a Marketing Communications Strategy + Sample Essay

Introduction A brief introduction of the Integrated Marketing communication strategy A briefing about the Holiday Inn A thesis statement that gives a skeleton or rather a sketchy detail about the whole essay 2- Body A theoretical argument of the various strategies integrated together to form a single more comprehensive marketing strategy A practical example of […]

Causes of Insecurity in Educational Institutions in the US

Security is one of the most crucial aspects in any part of the world. It is no mistake, that almost every government in all parts of the globe spends a considerable proportion of their budgets on defense and security. This is especially because security safeguards almost all rights in which case all other rights would […]


One outstanding feature about the United Arab Emirates is its workforce demographic composition and the region’s striking disparities in the working conditions of imported laborers. Generally, most of the United Arab Emirates government’s laborers comprise locals Emiratis, while foreign immigrants overwhelmingly dominate various sectors including the private spheres. The region’s workforce has no minimum wage. […]

Bayesian Network Model for Predicting Trauma Outcomes

Research Background Trauma is a key public health issue and the primary basis of death and disability across the globe. Over 180,000 persons die each year or approximately 1 death each 3 minutes from traumatic wounds (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2014) and it is by now the principal cause of death within the […]

Thesis: develop self-healing and physical vapor depositions coatings which can be used as coating materials to inhibit microbial-induced corrosion in marine environment.

Background of Research In the majority engineering resources appliances microbiological impacted corrosion (MIC) is a grave matter [1]. This matter could be further dangerous within marine vessels such as ships and maritime platforms in addition to offshore jetties and rigs [2]. These constructions have to be sheltered against assault of main components in marine setting […]

Implications of Facial Recognition Technology

Abstract Automatic identification of facial expressions is a significant element for interfaces of human-machine. Since 1990, facial expression identification has lot of appeal in research field. Even though  humans recognize  face devoid of  effort  or  setback,  recognition  by a mechanism  is  yet  difficult. Several of its challenges are extremely active in their orientation, lessening, magnitude, […]