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Political Science: Interrelationship between politics, policy, and government

   Interrelationship between politics, policy, and government The term government is used to underline the institutions involved in the making of authoritative public policies on behalf of the entire society. Politics is an ambiguous term that, according to Harold Lasswell, may be defined as “who gets what, when and how” (Caramani, 2008). In this case, […]

How to Prevent Environmental Pollution

Pollution prevention is a concern to many companies and everybody right now,  especially after a massive global warming alarm in the 20th century,  many facilities and institutions are trying to implement on issues which will bring an end or halter on matters concerning pollution. This has enabled many plants, facilities,  companies and institution to try […]

An Essay on Attention and consciousness

Consciousness and attention are two intimately connected psychological notions that are repeatedly conflated, even amongst intellectuals. Nevertheless, contemporary neurophysiological and psychological investigators can now separately influence top-down discriminatory attention and perceptual awareness. This facilitates them to unravel the separate contributions these two create to processing in the brain and their fundamental neuronal systems. In the […]