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You have a small excavation firm and wish to purchase a small backhoe. Based on your research, you need to have $54,000 to purchase one used. If your cost of capital is 0.50%/month and you want to recover your capital (on a Present Worth basis) in 20 months, how much profit must this backhoe generate […]

How to Write a Marketing Communications Strategy + Sample Essay

Introduction A brief introduction of the Integrated Marketing communication strategy A briefing about the Holiday Inn A thesis statement that gives a skeleton or rather a sketchy detail about the whole essay 2- Body A theoretical argument of the various strategies integrated together to form a single more comprehensive marketing strategy A practical example of […]

Process Narrative: Discourse analysis

Discourse analysis is a qualitative method that was developed and adopted by social constructionist.  The method traces its origin from communication and linguistics. It offers numerous ways of investigating the meanings in natural conversation and cultural contexts. Discourse analysis is increasingly becoming common in both academic and non-academic settings. It can be referred to as […]

Problems Facing US Education System

Education is the social process in which a learner becomes subjected to a system of acquisitions of knowledge, skills and attitudes to change his capability and enable them apply the education gained in relevant circumstances. The whole concept is based on passing the specified education from a more informed person to a lesser one through […]

Problem based learning

Problem based learning is an angle of learning focusing mainly on the process of problem solving and acquiring of knowledge. The approach has also elements of inquiry when the learners are active in creating problems during the process of learning. Problem based learning has the following segments : identifying the problem at hand, determining the […]

How to Write Methodology of a Research Paper

Population 2353 children (mean age, 12.7±0.4 years) and 1765 kids (average age, 6.7±0.4 years) were inspected as measurement of the SMS all through 2004 and 2005. Like formerly reported, the SMS was a population-founded, cross-sectional children research from a socio-economically stratified, casual cluster test of 55 schools from all over the Sydney metropolitan region. The […]

The uni-lineal cultural evolution theory Essay

The uni-lineal cultural evolution theory postulates that all societies will go through an evolutionary phase from being simple hunters to living in intelligent civilizations. Although the theory points out that the evolutionary paths for all cultures are similar, the rate of change is noted to be different across societies (Erickson & Murphy, 2013). Fukuyama, a […]