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Lessons learnt on ethical decision making from the ethical self-assessment

The ethical assessment test is a closed kind of questionnaire that has healthcare ethics related questions. The assessment enables one to gauge their level of compliance to the set ethical standards. Affiliates of the American College of healthcare executives have a set of ethics of which they are expected to strictly adhere to (Steve, 2011, […]

Argumentative Psychology Essay: In Romantic Relationships: Opposites Attract

Popular psychology encompasses claims that people hold on to, yet they are not backed by empirical evidence (Baumeister and Bushman 393). One of the common claims of such nature is that “in romantic relationships, the opposites attract.” In other words, people believe that two individuals with opposite personality traits are attracted to each other more […]

Creating a Process Driven Organization: AgriCredit Case Study

Synopsis This case pays attention to an agriculture loan and credit corporation whose central competency is founded on its consumer knowledge.  The corporation’s Information Technology system and operation do not satisfy the industry well.  The present system does not project architecture and staff matters are out of control (James, 2013).  There has been a lot […]

Essay on Adverse Effects of Alcoholism and Alcohol Addiction

The history of Jackie family’s on alcoholism and her consumption of alcohol is disturbing taking into account that she is expectant. It is imperative that we approach this issue with a very clear mind. From a pregnancy standpoint, alcohol burns B-vitamins, particularly vitamin B1.  Therefore using a vitamin-B complex, together with a100mg of thiamine (vitamin […]

Learning Styles in the Classroom Essay

The Main Research Problem Basically, the study is based on the integral need for a proficient learning platform. Indeed, the author provides an assertion that has been created based on the understanding of both the theoretical underpinning of policy frameworks associated with the learning processes and styles. This is a concept developed amidst prevailing diversified […]