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Solutions to Quizes from Schach, R (2007).Object-Oriented Software Engineering

Problem 1.17 p. 31 The product should have been conceptualized and designed with an open architecture. This is a type of architecture that allows for modifications to be made to either one or more components without any form of significant disruption of all other elements or the product’s overall operation/performance (Strei, 2003, p.5). In this […]

Project Charter Samples

Executive Summary Project Title Eastern Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. Date Prepared 19/06/2011 Project Manager Name (Project Manager) Project Sponsor Name (Chief Executive Officer) Organisation Overview and General History Eastern Healthcare Put Ltd aims to provide an integrated healthcare system with a vision to create health communities, ensuring that the residents of Queensland have access to quality […]

Creating a Process Driven Organization: AgriCredit Case Study

Synopsis This case pays attention to an agriculture loan and credit corporation whose central competency is founded on its consumer knowledge.  The corporation’s Information Technology system and operation do not satisfy the industry well.  The present system does not project architecture and staff matters are out of control (James, 2013).  There has been a lot […]