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What do poets do when they personify subjects?, English homework help

Question description Score 1.  What do poets do when they personify subjects? Choose a poem from the unit that uses personification, identify the subject that is personified in the poem, and describe how it is personified. Then explain how personification helps the poet to convey his ideas about the natural world. Write your answer in […]

Essay: Gertrude Stein’s poetry transforms the reader into the writer. Do you agree?

Yes. Gertrude Stein’s use of language transforms the reader to into writer. This can be seen in the manner in which the poetry has caused much merriment among reviewers as well as critics, but this has achieved its intended purpose of completely engaging the reader. According to her autobiography, “My sentences do get under their […]

Gérard, François’s Life And His Works

He spent most of his childhood in Rome. His talent as an artist revealed itself early and during this period he acquired a love of Italian painting and music, which he never lost. In 1782 his family returned to Paris, where, through the connections of his father’s employer Louis-Auguste le Tonnelier, Baron de Breteuil, Minister […]

Gertrude is a powerful woman who does what she thinks is right for her and can forfeit her life for her loved one

Thesis: Gertrude is a powerful woman who does what she thinks is right for her and can forfeit her life for her loved one. Gertrude’s character: Her immoral actions of committing murder Her love for her son Hamlets anger Hamlets reaction after the mother’s remarriage Women of power have the mandate to do what they […]

Essay Analysis of Heroism in Beowulf

Type of text Poem Title of the text and its Source Beowulf poem dates back to 8th century Composer of Text Anonymous Medium of production Oral tradition Summary Beowulf represents an Old English heroic poem with an anonymous writer that dates back between 8th and 11th century. Gummere (2007) recounts the poem citing the rein […]

Poetry analysis: “Huswifery”, by Edward Taylor

Divinely Human: Edward Taylor’s relationship with God Often when writers write about God, it is from a rather lofty position. In celebrating what is divine, some writers seem to forget their own human qualities and understanding. Humanity is on the opposite end of the spectrum, often at war with spirituality (Anne Bradstreet’s “The Flesh and […]

Leadership in “He Becomes Deeply and Famously Drunk”, by Brady Udall

Leadership is a quality that is not learnt, but rather is accomplished from individual power and having the quality and determination toward oneself to make decisions for your group and having the capacity to live with those choices. Leadership comprises of numerous viewpoints including imagining, innovating, thinking, and the capacity to lead in a war-time […]