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Homemade Organic Pesticide, Economic Profitability

The study focused on the economic profitability of the utilization of homemade organic pesticide for small scale production of Brassica napus L. varchinensis (Pechay). An experiment was undertaken at the Palayamanan Program at the University of Eastern Philippines to determine the effectiveness of homemade organic pesticide in controlling or preventing insect infestation in Pechay, to find out the effective […]

Mission Command Paper: The Recapture of Corregidor

Within the Philippines islands, lying approximately 23 nautical miles from the Manila bay, is a fundamental piece of province that achieved a reputation due to a little battle all through its history (Flanagan, 1995). Manila Bay holds four fortresses islands and the island of Corregidor (Rock) is one among the four fortresses (Flanagan, 1995). The […]

Economic Effect of Off-Shoring by U.S. Multinational Corporations

Off-shoring is an inescapable feature of the economy of the US. The process of off-shoring involves the highly beneficial practice of outsourcing or shifting parts of or the entire production process to a different country with the aim of selling the same products in the home country. Corporations are often driven to engage in this […]