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Effects of Globalization in the Middle East and Islam

There are a lot of definitions that have been ascribed to globalization. These definitions have a common base; that is the connectivity among different nations. The word globalization is coined from the word global that implies world over. Thus globalization is the interaction and the integration of people, governments, companies through increased accessibility and availability […]

Comparative analysis of three major approaches to the Armenian genocide

Introduction The principal purpose of the current thesis lies in the comparative analysis of three major approaches to the issue of Armenian genocide. The researched worldviews include: the Armenian, Turkish, and American visions of the Armenian genocide. Also, a mental note should be made that the investigated worldviews are discrepant and contradictory, making the ongoing […]

The Role of Social Media in the Arab Uprising

In late of 2010 and during 2011, the Arab countries saw a series of large scale political uprisings. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other forms of social media have played a major role in the planning, acceleration, and even the preparation of some of the uprisings and revolutions that too place in the Middle East at […]

Research Paper on Islam in Algeria

Islam is the formal belief in Algeria and is used by the greatest number of the nation’s population. Muslim or Sunni Islam faith imparts Algeria in basically every feature of existence. While not all supporters are orthodox, Islam offers Algeria it’s communal and cultural individuality and its values rule much of the country’s principles and […]

Reforms of the Khosrau I Anushirvan

Khosrau I, also Anushirvan, ruled the Sāsānian Empire between 531 and 579. He was a reformist that led his people through a period that experienced inordinate political and socio-economic reforms. He was not the oldest son of his father, Kavadh (I), and he was not able to succeed him immediately after his death. In spite […]