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Factors that contributed to the failure of the US foreign policies

According to Janis, groupthink is a decline of mental efficiency, moral judgement and reality testing, which usually results from an in-group pressures. The groupthink has a role in the making of the US foreign policy. Most of the America’s policy failures can be contributed to groupthink; for example the Bay of Pigs. Some irrational factors […]

Comparative analysis of three major approaches to the Armenian genocide

Introduction The principal purpose of the current thesis lies in the comparative analysis of three major approaches to the issue of Armenian genocide. The researched worldviews include: the Armenian, Turkish, and American visions of the Armenian genocide. Also, a mental note should be made that the investigated worldviews are discrepant and contradictory, making the ongoing […]

In-depth Book Review of “Better: A Surgeon’s Notes on Performance”

Step one The underlying theme of the publication, Better: A Surgeons Notes on Performance is that of Betterment that implies bridging of the opening between objectives and performances in the medicinal field. The theme is available right from the onset of the narrative, through the narrative to the end.  Gwande’s notion is that success in […]

The Role of Social Media in the Arab Uprising

In late of 2010 and during 2011, the Arab countries saw a series of large scale political uprisings. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other forms of social media have played a major role in the planning, acceleration, and even the preparation of some of the uprisings and revolutions that too place in the Middle East at […]