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Henri Fayol’s four essential management functions and their relevance to the contemporary managerial practice

Henri Fayol (1841-1925) is greatly remembered for his contributions to the improvement of the traditional management theory. He was not remembered for pioneering the study of managerial behavior, but was the first to create calm and relevance to management practice itself.  Fayol believed that proper management behavior is crucial for the overall performance of any […]

Limousine Company Business Plan Essay

Table of Contents Introduction. 2 Managers and Management 2 Planning. 3 Organizing. 4 Controlling. 5 The Managerial Skills behind the Success of the Company. 5 Conceptual Skills. 5 Human Skills. 6 Technical Skills. 6 Decision Making Process. 7 The Stated Goals of the Company are: 8 Approach to Establishing these Goals: 9 Organizational Structure. 10 […]