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Global Economic Cooperation

U.S and Japan are two major economic powers accounting for almost 30% of world domestic product. Also they the two countries occupy a significant portion of both international trade and investment. Apparently, U.S and Japan are major actors in the world economy whose impact on the rest of the world is undeniable. Trade relationship between […]

Global Brand Strategy Issues Delivering on China’s global brand aspirations MOD001220 International Marketing Assignment

MOD001220 International Marketing Assignment – Global Brand Strategy Issues Delivering on China’s global brand aspirations Dr. J. Wilson Institution Date Introduction In the global economy, brands and branding are becoming increasingly important factors. It would seem critical for both the firms and the countries where they are located, when adding sustainable long-term value (Schultz 2008). […]

Global Financial Crisis And Global Trade

In 2009, most of the principal developed countries are facing financial and economic challenges. This causes the largest decrease in global economic activities as various countries undertake varying measures to cushion their countries from the ongoing global financial crisis. Governments, especially from the developed countries are responding differently to the global economic crisis. Easing of […]

What issues may arise in conducting business globally?

Global businesses are enterprises or firms that have operations beyond the countries of domicile and hence it has offices across the world. These kinds of businesses exist due to the effect of globalization and technological advancements that opens the world for trade and investment. Resources can move from one country to another without restrictions. Global […]

Global marketing of automobiles

Executive summary Global marketing of automobiles is a crucial practice that requires well informed decision making (Keegan & Green, 2005). Through effective collection of data from the field this paper presents descriptive and inferential analysis of data from the field, regarding global marketing of automobiles. The data was collected from 1,000 households comprising of vehicle […]


Table of Contents Brainstorming Techniques 1 Work Breakdown Schedule3 Initiation3 Kick-Off meeting3 Job Details3 Job Responsibilities3 Approval Process3 Senior Management to review final document development3 Procedures Testing3 Management Testing Plan3 Site Preparation4 Space Allocation4 Equipment/Technology4 Equipment/Technology Requests4 Hiring Criteria4 Hiring Personnel4 Human Resource Candidate Screening4 Training 4 New Hire4 Closing Project4 Risk Management Plan12 Project […]

Global Business Ethics

Global Business Ethics Contents Introduction    1 Provide a brief summary of overview of the articles you selected.    2 Explain the primary ethical perspective of the countries disused in the article    2 Understanding global business ethics    4 Comparing business ethics    5 Conclusion    6 Reference    6 Introduction The behavior that a business adheres to in its daily […]

Global Financial Markets

Global financial markets are faced with numerous problems. Following the turmoil experienced in global financial markets in summer of 2007, most financial institutions operating in the global markets failed. Majority of them faced funding problems and were forced to reduce the size of their balance sheets and stop any further expansion. Through such economic experiences, […]

Case analysis of Giordano’s corporate expansion mission

Case summary The case is an analysis of Giordano’s corporate expansion mission. The case examines what Giordano’s future is and whether it would be beneficial if it maintains its current positioning strategy. The case also analyses the factors that will be essential to Giordano’s success and whether the company’s competitive strengths in merchandise selection and […]

Global Business, Global Strategy Options

Most businesses currently concentrate in pursuing global strategies in order to gain competitive advantage but the degree of gain differs as some businesses benefit more than others. It is also important to note that some nations do have comparative lead more than other nations in particular industries. The nature of international industries should be deeply […]