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Geophysical examination methods

Geophysical examination methods comprise of specialized concepts used in the study of earth, using various geology and physics concepts in order to reveal details of the study matter with the accuracy of scientific perspectives. These techniques aim at availing as much information as possible on materials below the surface of the earth using indirect assessments […]

Geopolitical and Phenomenological Community

A geopolitical community is a spatial designation that is defined by either man-made or natural boundaries. It is a geographic of the geopolitical designation of an area. It is geopolitical because it is defined by the political and geographical phenomena. The boundaries include rivers, mountains, valleys and roads. On the other hand, a phenomenological community […]

Geology and other Earth Sciences

Mafic Dikes of NE Kaapvaal craton, geochemistry and cross cutting relationship ages Swarms in the dykes may be further defined as the large geological feature that consists of major groups of linear and parallel dikes creates an overlying intrusion within the continental crust with a radial orientation. Several to about hundreds of dikes are emplaced […]