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Lessons learnt on ethical decision making from the ethical self-assessment

The ethical assessment test is a closed kind of questionnaire that has healthcare ethics related questions. The assessment enables one to gauge their level of compliance to the set ethical standards. Affiliates of the American College of healthcare executives have a set of ethics of which they are expected to strictly adhere to (Steve, 2011, […]

Case Study Analysis of Curtin, L 2005 “Patient wishes and futile interventions”

Healthcare professionals are constantly confronted with situations in which they have to make decisions with legal and ethical ramifications. They are constantly confronted various options to choose from, leading to dilemma (de Casterle et al, 2008, p. 540). The choices made by a health professional may lead to conflict with the decisions of others in […]

Gilligan’s Perspective on Ethics of Care

The twentieth-century feminine and feminist approaches to ethics share many ontological and epistemological assumptions. They tend to believe that the self is an interdependent being, that knowledge is emotional as well as rational, and that thoughtful persons reflect on concrete particularities as well as abstract universals (Kohlberg, 1971; Chodorow, 1978; Gilligan, 1982; Turiel, 1983; Yow, […]

Global Organization And Cultural Issues

Global Organization And Cultural Issues Contents Introduction    1 Defining cultural issue within the global organization    1 Ethical and Social Responsibility Issues    3 Ethical Perspectives in the global organization    3 Conclusion    4 Introduction Culture in any society or organization defines how people or human beings unite with other people to form groups as they distinct themselves […]

Ethics in Healthcare Administration

Extravagance is the first issue the author addresses. The American government spends more on health care issues as compared to other sectors. Despite spending this much, the American government has not achieved a lot in keeping a healthy nation as it provides minimal education about healthy living and practices to its citizens. The American government […]

Ethical Issues in Public Organizations

ABSTRACT A public organization is a government run organization that mainly deals with service delivery to the public. The organization is managed and sponsored by the government meaning the tax payer pays its bills and does the creation of all the policies related to the organization. Employees of such organizations face a lot ethical challenges […]

Ethical principles in health care in the US

Contents Abstract    1 Ethical principles in health care    1 Ethical issues in patient care    2 Health care delivery issues    3 Professional roles and resources    4 Quality improvement in patient care service delivery    6 Abstract The healthcare sector has experienced rapid growth and evolution over time. This sector is charged with delivering the best services to […]

Ethical Controversies behind the Carbon Trading Mechanism: Business Ethics

Carbon trading had the potential to act as a source of social inequality Carbon trading would eventually create a new means of forming divisions among the workers in an industry. Workers will begin to oppose climatic policies calling out for social justice, due to changes in wages, benefits, jobs, and work conditions. In this regard, […]