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Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (Gdm) In Pregnant Women: The Case Of Australian Women

Contents Prevalence’s of GDM    1 Symptoms of GDM    2 Causes of GDM    3 Managing GDM    3 Impact of GDM on the Public Health Sector    3 Public Health Nutrition Initiatives for Addressing GDM in Pregnant Women    4 Carbohydrate Intake    5 Caloric Intake for Normal and Underweight Women    5 Caloric Intake for Overweight/Obese Women with GDM    5 […]

A Medical Essay on Gestational diabetes

Gestational diabetes is also known as gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM), is a medical condition that arises in women who have never experienced diabetes before but have high glucose level in their blood in their gestational period. Diabetes mellitus affects 19% of most pregnancies, it is on the rise given the present lifestyles in which a […]

A Medical Essay on Gestational Diabetes

When women get pregnant for the first time, they can easily develop gestational diabetes. According to research, in America, in a population of 100 women who are pregnant, around three to eight of them are bound to have gestational diabetes. When women are pregnant, they are affected by factors such as weight gain and ever […]

Hispanic Population Assesment Case Study

Health Issues A survey was conducted to obtain information on the health concerns of the Hispanic Americans living in California. The survey included 10 volunteers from the Hispanic community living in Los Angeles, randomly picked from the streets and residential areas with an even distribution across the city. Only adults were involved in the survey […]

Statin Nonadherence: Case Study Analysis

The problem identified in the case study The study was aimed at solving the problem of statin nonadherence. Reese et al highlighted that nearly half of patients who were prescribed statin medication to treat acute coronary syndrome stop taking them after six months. This is in spite of the documented and substantiated benefits associated with […]

Nutritional Analysis of Mediterranean diet Essay

The Mediterranean diet describes the eating habits observed within the olive growing regions located around the Mediterranean. The diet has been extensively studied after researchers noted that the habitants of the Mediterranean region displayed a lower incidence of cardiovascular disease. This is despite the high-fat content of the diet (Colomer & Menéndez, 2006). The Mediterranean […]