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Lessons learnt on ethical decision making from the ethical self-assessment

The ethical assessment test is a closed kind of questionnaire that has healthcare ethics related questions. The assessment enables one to gauge their level of compliance to the set ethical standards. Affiliates of the American College of healthcare executives have a set of ethics of which they are expected to strictly adhere to (Steve, 2011, […]

Problems in UAE Hospitals and Solutions

Shortage of Staff As more doctor’s facilities and master centers open, more noteworthy quantities of administrators need to source from the nearby market as opposed to contracting from abroad. Healing center administrators going to a late speculation summit in Dubai grumbled about the increasing expense of enrolling specialists and health awareness staff and required a […]

Case Study Analysis of Curtin, L 2005 “Patient wishes and futile interventions”

Healthcare professionals are constantly confronted with situations in which they have to make decisions with legal and ethical ramifications. They are constantly confronted various options to choose from, leading to dilemma (de Casterle et al, 2008, p. 540). The choices made by a health professional may lead to conflict with the decisions of others in […]

Problem based learning

Problem based learning is an angle of learning focusing mainly on the process of problem solving and acquiring of knowledge. The approach has also elements of inquiry when the learners are active in creating problems during the process of learning. Problem based learning has the following segments : identifying the problem at hand, determining the […]

Essay Review of Top Hat by Mark Sandrich and Go into Your Dance by Archie mayo

Top Hat by Mark Sandrich and Go into Your Dance by Archie mayo are some of the greatest Hollywood musicals produced in 1935. The attires worn by the characters in both movies as well as the classical music played reflect the period in which the movies were released. The Top Hat film contains some wonderful […]

Arthur Mitchell and Her Contribution To Dance

Arthur Mitchell was the first African American who was a principal dancer with a major American classical ballet company. Mitchell was born on March 27, 1937 in New York’s Harlem section. He discovered his love for dance at an early age, and a guidance counselor who saw him dance recommended that he should attend the […]

Dr. Elizabeth Hairston – McBurrows: Influence In Christian Dance Essay

Dr. Elizabeth Amelia Hairston-McBurrows directed and founded The Liturgical Expressions, Inc. She is very influential in dance especially within dance, especially in the Christian community. A few examples of people who have benefitted from her include world renowned Alvin Ailey and Marian Anderson. In 1965, Dr. Hairston-McBurrows finished a mid-year escalated course of study in […]

Jamaica and Caribbean Dance Review Case Study

Jamaica Jamaica is an island country of the Greater Antilles, situated in the northwestern Caribbean Sea, around 90 miles south of Cuba and 119 miles west of the island of Hispaniola, where Haiti and the Dominican Republic are found. As an island, Jamaica shares no borders; however, adjacent nations include the Dominican Republic, Cuba, Haiti, […]