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Global Climate Change Essay

The global climate change is not an alien concept in the contemporary society. It is a trend that is continuing and can be attributed to human activities. The global climate change is therefore man made. Humans contribute to the change by causing potential changes in the atmosphere in the amount of aerosols and green house […]

Climate change is an issue of concern to environmentalist and humanity at large

Climate change is one of the issues that we are facing in the world. In my view, climate change has become an ethical issue.  This means that, for an environmentalist to be able to solve the climate issues, they require a fundamental shift in ethics. Philosophers and environmentalist have tried to solve environmental problems by […]

Global Environmental Policies

Numerous studies have been conducted in the world to assess the impacts of environmental issues such as global warming and climate change and how they threaten the very existence of humankind in the world. As a result of these studies, various measures and policies have been adopted by different countries of the world and international […]

Environmental Issues Caused by Human Consumption

Human actions such as deforestation, pollution, urban sprawl and development, have an adverse effect on living organisms. These actions lead to the destruction and degradation of the natural habitat of the organisms. This could in turn lead to the extinction of the native species that are found in that given ecosystem. Pollution has destroyed the […]

Guidelines for the most favourable thermal behaviour of mosques

1.5.2 According to Al-Homoud (2009), buildings with irregular tenancy might not perform thermally in the similar manner like typical business and residential amenities. A cautious envelope design united with the fitting air-conditioning organization operation strategies is needed for thermal comfort wants. Mosque is one of the most famous instances of such constructions. Mosques are normally […]

Air Pollution Caused by East Cement Company in Saudi Arabia

Part I:    Local Air Issues The sources of the mainly noteworthy air pollution where I have formerly existed originated from the Eastern Cement Company situated within the eastern region of Saudi Arabia. The firm is established mainly to manufacture Cement and Clinker to take care of the requirement of local marketplace, Middle East and excess […]

Ethical Controversies behind the Carbon Trading Mechanism: Business Ethics

Carbon trading had the potential to act as a source of social inequality Carbon trading would eventually create a new means of forming divisions among the workers in an industry. Workers will begin to oppose climatic policies calling out for social justice, due to changes in wages, benefits, jobs, and work conditions. In this regard, […]

Effect of Capitalism on the Environment Essay

Contents Abstract 2 Introduction 3 Capitalism and the global environment 3 Natural capitalism 3 Green Capitalism 4 Criticism of Capitalism 4 The growth of capitalism 5 The effect of capitalism on the global environment 5 The crisis of Global capitalism and the environment 6 The influence of capitalism and climate change on humanity 7 Civilization […]