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Global Brand Strategy Issues Delivering on China’s global brand aspirations MOD001220 International Marketing Assignment

MOD001220 International Marketing Assignment – Global Brand Strategy Issues Delivering on China’s global brand aspirations Dr. J. Wilson Institution Date Introduction In the global economy, brands and branding are becoming increasingly important factors. It would seem critical for both the firms and the countries where they are located, when adding sustainable long-term value (Schultz 2008). […]

Global Market Opportunity In The Olive Oil Industry: The Case Of Baser Food

Section I: The Growth, Development and Structure of the Global Olive Oil Market and Baser’s SWOT Analysis.    3 1.0 Executive Summary    3 2.0 The growth, development and structure of the global olive oil market    4 2.1 An Overview of the selected Uppsala Internationalization market    4 Based on the above theoretical and operational levels, the olive […]

Megatrends in Geopolitics

There are major changes that have been taking recently, which have led to major changes in the geopolitical landscape over the last two decades. The recent global financial crisis and the September 11, 2001 attack on the US have led to “changes in the normal procedure of international politics and economy” (National Intelligence Council, 2013). […]

General Motors Organizational Change: SWOT Analysis

General Motors, a company based in the United States, was pioneered in 1908 in Michigan State. Since its inception, General Motors has gained overwhelming influence to vehicle owners in the United States and around the globe. Over the years, its influence has been evidenced by high sales of their products in addition to market dominance […]

General Motors Policy Report

Table of Contents 1.0 Executive Summary    4 2.0 GM’s Vision and Mission Statements    5 2.1 Vision Statement    5 2.2 Mission Statement    5 3.0 Company Background    6 3.1 Company History    6 4.0 GM’s SWOT Analysis    7 4.1 Strengths    7 4.1.1 Large Share of the market    7 4.1.2 Global Experience    7 4.1.3 Many brand names and business […]

Psychological Review: Negative Effects of Being an Only Child

Parents can devote themselves to their children. Also, children represent the future of a country. Environment and education will have an impact on children’s personalities and characteristic. Numerous children because of lack of love in their childhood develop distorted personality. In China, in order to decrease the large amount of population, the government implemented one-child […]

The uni-lineal cultural evolution theory Essay

The uni-lineal cultural evolution theory postulates that all societies will go through an evolutionary phase from being simple hunters to living in intelligent civilizations. Although the theory points out that the evolutionary paths for all cultures are similar, the rate of change is noted to be different across societies (Erickson & Murphy, 2013). Fukuyama, a […]

Case Study: Mongolia Economic Growth Since 1990

Mongolia has experienced fluctuating economic growth rates. Study shows that the economic growth of Mongolia has been low between 1990 and 2010. However, remarkable economic growth was evident in 2012. Conventionally, agriculture and herding were the main forms of economic activity in this country. Its large economic deposits have drawn investors and Mongolia is currently […]