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Girls of Tender Age, by Mary-Ann Tirone Smith Book Review

The book, “Girls of Tender Age, by Mary-Ann Tirone Smith  tries to articulate with great wit as well as tenderness on the wild jubilance in relation to an  extended French and Italian family, which struggles to survive after the second world war housing project located in Hartford. Smith’s Hartford vicinity is small-town in America, where […]

In-depth Book Review of “Better: A Surgeon’s Notes on Performance”

Step one The underlying theme of the publication, Better: A Surgeons Notes on Performance is that of Betterment that implies bridging of the opening between objectives and performances in the medicinal field. The theme is available right from the onset of the narrative, through the narrative to the end.  Gwande’s notion is that success in […]

Book review of “Dating for Dummies”

The basis for choosing the book “Dating for Dummies” is because I was fascinated by the book’s name.  I emanate from China and I am an international undergraduate in United States. Three years ago I immigrated to America and I actually desire to incorporate into American community. As a result, I thought this book could […]