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Genesis Book of the Bible Analysis

Genesis one includes the narration of all creation. The almighty spoke all aspects into existence over six days and relaxed on the seventh day. The origin of man is deemed to be in the sixth day hence considered as the acme of the creation. Man took pleasure in a unique rapport with God. Genesis Two […]

A complex society and a classical society and their effect to the world

The world societies have been transforming since the beginning of history. The earliest forms of societies were of a rather complex nature. These eventually gave way to more classical societies that later paved way for the current modern societies. Several factors which included in most cases political and economic contributed to the transition inherent in […]

Theology Essay on Anthropological approach to Creation

Anthropology is the study of human beings that consists of the myths that explains their past and their development up to their present state. The mythology of majority persons includes accounts describing the manifestation of humans on the planet. For instance, the account of creation documented in the Bible explains the origins of human beings. […]

Martha From The Bible as a Leader Theology Essay

Martha is one of the Biblical figures in the Bible. She is featured in two book in the gospels namely Luke and john. She is described as Martha of Bethany. She resided with her two siblings, Lazarus and Mary[1]. She witnessed the grand miracle of Jesus resurrecting her brother Lazarus. She was one of Christ’s […]