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Global marketing of automobiles

Executive summary Global marketing of automobiles is a crucial practice that requires well informed decision making (Keegan & Green, 2005). Through effective collection of data from the field this paper presents descriptive and inferential analysis of data from the field, regarding global marketing of automobiles. The data was collected from 1,000 households comprising of vehicle […]

General Motors – 100yrs but is there 100 more?

General Motors Corporation mainly referred to as GM is the second largest automobile manufacturer in the world after Toyota. The main area of specialty for the company’s expansion, marketing as well as production of trucks, cars and car parts and its primary operations are situated in Europe and North America (Pelfrey 53). The company employs […]

General Motors Case Study: A Model Manufacturing Company

Introduction     The dynamic nature of the business environment requires that companies and firms work towards enhancing their competitive advantage in order to not only thrive but to also survive. Unlike in the past when the market environment was not competitive, current trends indicate that the scenario has changed dramatically and more than ever, companies […]

How to Run a Sustainable Supply Chain – Management

In recent years, academic and business consciousness of logistics issues and sustainable chain of supply has significantly increased (Muller and Seuring, 2008; Pieters et al., 2009). A lot of practitioners and investigators are talking about attempts of producers, traders, and transporters to chase maintainable objectives (Lieb and Lieb, 2010). Sustainability is turning out to be […]