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General Environment Analysis of Apple Company

Apple is a multinational corporation that has its headquarters in Cupertino, California. Apple Inc. is best known for designing, developing and selling consumer electronics, personal computers and computer software. ¬†IPad, tablets, iPhone Smartphone, iPod and computer Mac line are its best hardware products. IWork and iLife product suites and creativity, Safari browser, iTunes browser, operating […]

Analysis of the Sony Mobile Brand

Introduction EPAM Systems, Inc. provides software engineering solutions and technology services worldwide. The company offers software product development services, including product research, customer experience design and prototyping, program management, component design and integration, full lifecycle software testing, product deployment and end-user customization, performance tuning, product support and maintenance, and managed services, as well as porting […]

The uni-lineal cultural evolution theory Essay

The uni-lineal cultural evolution theory postulates that all societies will go through an evolutionary phase from being simple hunters to living in intelligent civilizations. Although the theory points out that the evolutionary paths for all cultures are similar, the rate of change is noted to be different across societies (Erickson & Murphy, 2013). Fukuyama, a […]

Economic Effect of Off-Shoring by U.S. Multinational Corporations

Off-shoring is an inescapable feature of the economy of the US. The process of off-shoring involves the highly beneficial practice of outsourcing or shifting parts of or the entire production process to a different country with the aim of selling the same products in the home country. Corporations are often driven to engage in this […]

Consumer Buying Decision Process Essay

The final purchase of any product only reflects a small part of the process that is involved in the buying decision by the user. The consumer buying decision process describes the series of events that occur before and after the consumer purchases a product or service. This process is part of the consumer buying behavior […]