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Bayesian Network Model for Predicting Trauma Outcomes

Research Background Trauma is a key public health issue and the primary basis of death and disability across the globe. Over 180,000 persons die each year or approximately 1 death each 3 minutes from traumatic wounds (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2014) and it is by now the principal cause of death within the […]

Thesis: develop self-healing and physical vapor depositions coatings which can be used as coating materials to inhibit microbial-induced corrosion in marine environment.

Background of Research In the majority engineering resources appliances microbiological impacted corrosion (MIC) is a grave matter [1]. This matter could be further dangerous within marine vessels such as ships and maritime platforms in addition to offshore jetties and rigs [2]. These constructions have to be sheltered against assault of main components in marine setting […]

Implications of Facial Recognition Technology

Abstract Automatic identification of facial expressions is a significant element for interfaces of human-machine. Since 1990, facial expression identification has lot of appeal in research field. Even though  humans recognize  face devoid of  effort  or  setback,  recognition  by a mechanism  is  yet  difficult. Several of its challenges are extremely active in their orientation, lessening, magnitude, […]