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George: A Family Systems Viewpoint

Introduction Families are the first social relationships that people experience and form a foundation for any other relationship that one will have in the future. Families are usually the first to congratulate one on achieving something and are the first ones to rebuke any bad behaviour. According to the Bowen family system theory, family is […]

A Case Study Essay on Generation Gaps

Generation gap is a particularly common issue in the western culture and it has been an issue of concern in the last decades; the main argument in the film revolves around “keeping communication lines open” (Manohla 1).  The gap results from differences between the older generations and their young ones. This is common between parents […]

Research Essay on Lesbian and Gay Parenting

Like families headed by heterosexual parents, lesbian and gay parents and their children are a diverse group (Martin, 1993). Unlike heterosexual parents and their children, however, lesbian and gay parents and their children are often subject to prejudice because of sexual orientation that turns judges, legislators, professionals, and the public against them, frequently resulting in […]

Essay on Adverse Effects of Alcoholism and Alcohol Addiction

The history of Jackie family’s on alcoholism and her consumption of alcohol is disturbing taking into account that she is expectant. It is imperative that we approach this issue with a very clear mind. From a pregnancy standpoint, alcohol burns B-vitamins, particularly vitamin B1.  Therefore using a vitamin-B complex, together with a100mg of thiamine (vitamin […]

The uni-lineal cultural evolution theory Essay

The uni-lineal cultural evolution theory postulates that all societies will go through an evolutionary phase from being simple hunters to living in intelligent civilizations. Although the theory points out that the evolutionary paths for all cultures are similar, the rate of change is noted to be different across societies (Erickson & Murphy, 2013). Fukuyama, a […]