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How Genetic Modification is Changing the World

Man has always been on a discovery trend since time immemorial, and the scientific era has led to many technological discoveries. Genetic modification is a discovery established in the 1980s aimed at improving people’s lives and enhancing existing organisms and their products (Carter, Moschini, and Sheldon, 2011). The process yields genetically modified organisms, commonly abbreviated […]

Global Climate Change Essay

The global climate change is not an alien concept in the contemporary society. It is a trend that is continuing and can be attributed to human activities. The global climate change is therefore man made. Humans contribute to the change by causing potential changes in the atmosphere in the amount of aerosols and green house […]

Essay on Genetic Engineering Of Crops

“Do you take insulin?  Have you been vaccinated against hepatitis?  Has anyone you know had a heart attack and been saved by a clot busting drug?”  (Jaffe, 1)  Genetic engineering has saved millions of lives worldwide and is nearly accepted by everyone in the medical community.   The genetic engineering of crops has been used for […]

Genetic inheritance Questions

Which of the following applies to the condition in this family? The condition in the family is caused by variable expressivity. Variable expressivity refers to when a phenotype is expressed in different degrees among people who have a similar genotype.  In the Winslow family both parents have mild heartbeat irregularity, but they do not show […]

Climate change is an issue of concern to environmentalist and humanity at large

Climate change is one of the issues that we are facing in the world. In my view, climate change has become an ethical issue.  This means that, for an environmentalist to be able to solve the climate issues, they require a fundamental shift in ethics. Philosophers and environmentalist have tried to solve environmental problems by […]

Genetic Information And Risk Classification In Individual Life And Health Insurance

Risk classification methods for health or individual life insurance cover should be examined critically. The question regarding the nature of information to be obtained from the insured before calculating the cost of insurance has generated mixed reaction from different players in the insurance industry. Different states have hence resulted to enacting different legislations which impose […]

Robin Cook’s Mutation: a Look at Genetic Engineering in Humans

Genetic engineering in spite of being an exceedingly advanced technique fails to acquire universal acceptance throughout the globe. Numerous ethical concerns surface concerning the utilization of experimental animals. The modifications set up in the genes of living things are the principal concern of many people. Even though, an extensive assortment of new products has been […]

Essay Analysis of Girls Participation in Sciences

Issues pertaining to girls participating in science subjects have been contentious for quite a while. It is noteworthy that sciences, especially physics, chemistry, mathematics and computing technology have been dominated mainly by males. Girls lack interest in sciences both as careers and areas of study simply because they hold the opinion that they are too […]

Genetic Mutation and Public Health Interventions (Huntington’s disease)

The role of governmental public health institutions in addressing advancements in genetics encompasses three key functions for practice in public health. These functions include the assessment of data on the health of the populations, assurance of health services of high quality and development of policies to serve the interests of the public through the promotion […]