Sample Marketing Plan

Get It Done Office Pros is a leading enterprise in the specializing in commercial cleaning services. Our customers are guaranteed top security in the delivery of our services. Moreover, the company ensures the privacy of the customer is put center stage. In order to achieve these values, Get It Done Office Pros hires trustworthy employees with the cleanest backgrounds to establish honesty, integrity and dedication. A drug test is also conducted on employees on a regular basis to ascertain their health and good shape. These qualities are essential to the delivery of excellent services, which is the main goal of Get It Done Pro. Our company is selective on cleaning products, going only for biodegradable, hypolagernic, ergonomically and environmentally safe ones.

Get It Done Pro aims at taking the lead in the field of cleaning services within Columbus and its environs. In order to achieve this, the company will have to maintain an average of 75 employees per month, which will enable it clean an area approximately 400,000 square feet monthly. We will put up adequate offices and a classic headquarter to facilitate our operations. The company will engage a professional managerial team to take care of management issues. Moreover, we are looking at revising our documentation and recordkeeping process to make it efficient and responsive to the demanding operational mechanism. We also aim at maximizing our profit margin through the acquisition of low-priced cleaning products and hiring of quality low-cost labor. Above all these, we look forward to creating a culture of productivity and resourcefulness among our staff through instilling environmentally friendly ideas and procedures at the work place. Good performing staff will be rewarded for their efforts. These objectives were formulated after a rigorous survey in the market that revealed massive gaps in the delivery of cleaning services, including the use of products that are not biodegradable. By filling these gaps appropriately, Get It Done Pro will rise to the top within a very short time

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