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Discussion 3: The Frito-Lay Case Supply Chain, Management Homework Help (500 Word)

Question description Use the attached course material to support your ideas.Please cite attached sources.Readings: Reverse Supply Chains for Commercial Returns, HBSP CMR 273 (18 pgs)Frito-Lay: The Backhaul Decision, HBSP 9-688-104 (28 pgs) Answer the following questions. What are the micro (company) and macro (economy) benefits of the backhaul program?What are the annual savings derived from […]

What do poets do when they personify subjects?, English homework help

Question description Score 1.  What do poets do when they personify subjects? Choose a poem from the unit that uses personification, identify the subject that is personified in the poem, and describe how it is personified. Then explain how personification helps the poet to convey his ideas about the natural world. Write your answer in […]