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Psychology: Gestalt theory and Freudian theory Essay

Gestalt theory Gestalt theory primarily focusses on grouping and puts more emphasis on higher order cognitive developments at the center of behaviorism. According to the theory, there are four chief factors that determine grouping which include proximity, similarity, closure and simplicity. These four aspects of grouping were also known as the law of organization (King […]

What is Stress?

Generally, stress refers to a feeling which is created when reacting to certain events. It is the body’s way of rising to a specific challenge and preparing to meet a tough situation with focus, stamina, heightened alertness and strength. Brown et al further defines stress as a selective pressure that derives from the physical and […]

Freud’s and Roger’s Construct Psychology Theories Essay

Personality study is the most interesting topic in psychology. There are several personality theories that exist, these personalities’ attempts to illustrate distinct patterns in personality, for instance how the patterns appear and how people differ on an individual level. Freud and Rogers are the major developer of personality psychological theories however; different psychologists use Freud’s […]

Argumentative Psychology Essay: In Romantic Relationships: Opposites Attract

Popular psychology encompasses claims that people hold on to, yet they are not backed by empirical evidence (Baumeister and Bushman 393). One of the common claims of such nature is that “in romantic relationships, the opposites attract.” In other words, people believe that two individuals with opposite personality traits are attracted to each other more […]

An Essay on Attention and consciousness

Consciousness and attention are two intimately connected psychological notions that are repeatedly conflated, even amongst intellectuals. Nevertheless, contemporary neurophysiological and psychological investigators can now separately influence top-down discriminatory attention and perceptual awareness. This facilitates them to unravel the separate contributions these two create to processing in the brain and their fundamental neuronal systems. In the […]

Psychological Review: Negative Effects of Being an Only Child

Parents can devote themselves to their children. Also, children represent the future of a country. Environment and education will have an impact on children’s personalities and characteristic. Numerous children because of lack of love in their childhood develop distorted personality. In China, in order to decrease the large amount of population, the government implemented one-child […]