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How Does Propaganda affect how we interact with each other?

Propaganda is one form of communication, which tries to achieve response that promotes the desired intent of the propagandist (Dillon, 2009). Doubtless to say every conflict is fought at least on two grounds, the minds of individuals and the battlefield via propaganda. Both sides; the good and bad side can be guilty of misleading people […]

Giving Criminal Offenders a second chance

Incarceration It is good to note that, the criminal justice system has with time evolved since ancient time to present a new series of punishment stratagems. Evolution has focused on reducing the extent of punishment to permit for a lesser extent of belligerence. In medieval Europe and ancient times in other societies, punishment was structured […]

What were the purposes and strategies of Johnson’s Great Society programs?

What were the purposes and strategies of Johnson’s Great Society programs? After his outstanding 1964 victory, Johnson outlined a proposal aimed at cleaning governmental actions to encourage public overall well-being since the New Delhi.  The initiatives termed as the Great Society endorsed in 1966- 67, Medicare and Medicaid programs provided health services to the elderly […]

Global Civil Society

The Global Civil Society is the concept that continues to elicit mixed reactions. Scholars disagree on the appropriate definition of the concept while others challenge the existence and eligibility of the concept. Governments and marketers face the challenge of balance public interest and implementing their policies (Bennet, 2006). The Global Civil Society plays the role […]

Adult education in the perspective of access as well as political viewpoint

Adult education is only appropriately achievable through adoption of sound education system that does not only incorporate feasible practices, programs and policies but also allow fairness as well as democracy in the access of such service by learners. In essence, adult education requires democratization of the whole education process taking into consideration the interests of […]

Comparing Locke’s, Nozick’s, Burke’s, Mussolini’s, and the Marxist Political Theory

Contents Locke’s Theory    1 Burke’s theory    2 Nozick’s theory    2 Mussolini’s theory    3 Marxism theory    4 Conclusion    5 Since time in memorial different philosophers has different political theories, the theories depend on the philosophers’ perspective regarding politics and political leaders at the time. Some of the theories have been disputed by other philosophers while others […]