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Gilligan’s Perspective on Ethics of Care

The twentieth-century feminine and feminist approaches to ethics share many ontological and epistemological assumptions. They tend to believe that the self is an interdependent being, that knowledge is emotional as well as rational, and that thoughtful persons reflect on concrete particularities as well as abstract universals (Kohlberg, 1971; Chodorow, 1978; Gilligan, 1982; Turiel, 1983; Yow, […]

Generating a meaningful existence: A Nietzschean based interpretation

On considering the existential paradigm regarding the human condition, it is evident that this perspective encompasses a multitude of outlooks depending upon which author is selected for study. However, within this myriad of information there does appear to be certain themes which are common throughout and therefore essential to understanding human existence. These themes are […]

Kohlberg’s Theory of Moral Development

Profitability is the primary reason for the existence of business ventures. Many business ventures engage in unethical practices for the sake of enhancing the profitability of their firms. Workers in firms face a moral dilemma when they have to be part of an unethical business practice (Robert, 2012). Understanding the drivers of change requires the […]