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Factor of production

The factor of production is an economic term that describes the inputs used in the production of goods and services in order to make an economic profit. These include any resources needed for the creation of a good or a service. These factors of production are land, which is natural resources used as raw mater. […]

Process Decision Program Chart

Process Decision Program Chart (PDPC) is a decision tree that helps decision-makers to identify risks associated with the implementation of a solution to a particular problem and to explore alternative ways of countering the associated risks (Bialek, Duffy & Moran, 2009). The key benefit of PDPC is to help decision-makers identify areas that might go […]

Lessons learnt on ethical decision making from the ethical self-assessment

The ethical assessment test is a closed kind of questionnaire that has healthcare ethics related questions. The assessment enables one to gauge their level of compliance to the set ethical standards. Affiliates of the American College of healthcare executives have a set of ethics of which they are expected to strictly adhere to (Steve, 2011, […]


Table of Contents Brainstorming Techniques 1 Work Breakdown Schedule3 Initiation3 Kick-Off meeting3 Job Details3 Job Responsibilities3 Approval Process3 Senior Management to review final document development3 Procedures Testing3 Management Testing Plan3 Site Preparation4 Space Allocation4 Equipment/Technology4 Equipment/Technology Requests4 Hiring Criteria4 Hiring Personnel4 Human Resource Candidate Screening4 Training 4 New Hire4 Closing Project4 Risk Management Plan12 Project […]

Project Charter Samples

Executive Summary Project Title Eastern Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. Date Prepared 19/06/2011 Project Manager Name (Project Manager) Project Sponsor Name (Chief Executive Officer) Organisation Overview and General History Eastern Healthcare Put Ltd aims to provide an integrated healthcare system with a vision to create health communities, ensuring that the residents of Queensland have access to quality […]

Foundational frameworks of Quality Improvement, QI

Contents Foundational frameworks of Quality Improvement, QI    1 Different definition of the quality of care of various health care stakeholders    2 Roles of clinicians and patients in QI    2 Why is quality management needed in the health care industry?    3 What areas must be monitored for quality?    4 Regulatory and Accrediting associations involved in QI […]

How to Prevent Environmental Pollution

Pollution prevention is a concern to many companies and everybody right now,  especially after a massive global warming alarm in the 20th century,  many facilities and institutions are trying to implement on issues which will bring an end or halter on matters concerning pollution. This has enabled many plants, facilities,  companies and institution to try […]

How Logistics and Operations Management Have Improved With Introduction of ICT

Logistics and operations management has improved with the introduction of the current ICT systems like GPS, GIS, warehouse management systems, and transport management systems. Adoption of the current technology offers a solution to ensure logistics and supply chain management is more streamlined and efficient than before. The flow of a product depends on information, regarding […]

Henri Fayol’s four essential management functions and their relevance to the contemporary managerial practice

Henri Fayol (1841-1925) is greatly remembered for his contributions to the improvement of the traditional management theory. He was not remembered for pioneering the study of managerial behavior, but was the first to create calm and relevance to management practice itself.  Fayol believed that proper management behavior is crucial for the overall performance of any […]