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Sarah’s situation: Juvenile Justice Essay

Sarah’s situation is very tricky because as a probation officer you should report this matter to Mr. Childers. On the other hand, since Sarah has accepted and confessed her mistakes it is tempting to feel merciful and give her another opportunity. This is because she is a good performer academically and it would be unfair […]

Case Study Analysis of Curtin, L 2005 “Patient wishes and futile interventions”

Healthcare professionals are constantly confronted with situations in which they have to make decisions with legal and ethical ramifications. They are constantly confronted various options to choose from, leading to dilemma (de Casterle et al, 2008, p. 540). The choices made by a health professional may lead to conflict with the decisions of others in […]

case between Alice and Frankfurt International Kitchen Warehouse (FIKW) – Law Assignment Help

Material facts The case between Alice and Frankfurt International Kitchen Warehouse (FIKW) involves an international commercial contract of sales. Alice is the buyer who imports domestic kitchen appliances to Australia. On the other hand, FIKW is the seller who manufactures those goods and is based in Germany. Both Alice and FIKW entered into contract where […]

A Response to Hogg and Bushell

The case between Vriend v. Albearta depicted the difference in opinion with regards to the Canadian charter based judiciary. Justice Frank allocated several pieces judgment on the verdict on the case by safeguarding the democratic charter. Justice Frank was of the view that the Supreme Court has a contemporary function, which he defined as a […]