kid wanting to play soccer profesionally

In the practice I fail and fail, and they take the ball away from me, but I remember my dream and I keep playing and trying, one day I will make it.  


I was a young person pursuing a desire my dream was to travel to Brazil and play professionally. My father’s advice to never give up, his infectious optimism, the fact that I had a super coach, and his promise to speak with a soccer school served as inspiration. I was incredibly motivated since I believed I could accomplish everything I set his mind to. I practiced every day of the week and started practicing more and more, I started getting better. Each practice I would play better than everyone else and waiting for an opportunity to stand out. I started to get motivated and giving my best to get better. Each practice I played very good and it made me gain confidence. I was waiting for tournaments to prove that I was good, and I needed to show it. I knew the opportunity was coming so I wanted to prove that I was going to have a chance everyday I worked harder than the day before, I also everyday thought of my dream and I believed in me to reach there. 


After 2 months of practice with my team the tournament started, our coach one day before the game told me to use this opportunity and show how good I was. I rested and was ready for the game tomorrow. I woke up and got motivated by listening to music and getting ready. I went to my game and me and my teammates arrived 1 hour early with the coach,