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Review of Battle Strategies and Tactics: Ancient Age to Medieval Period

Throughout history conflict would sometimes break out into war. It is important to note that there has been a total of 3,197 battles throughout history, and they are progressively decreasing. Nevertheless, when resources were scarce war was the primary method of gaining more resources to exploit. War was the most important subject of scholar study […]

Essay On War of 1812

The war of 1812 was a battle between the British Empire forces and United States forces. The conflict took place between June 1812 and 1815 spring, albeit the treaty to bring the war to an end was signed in Europe in 1814 (Heidler and Heidler, 2002). The war was declared by the US because of […]

Reforms of the Khosrau I Anushirvan

Khosrau I, also Anushirvan, ruled the Sāsānian Empire between 531 and 579. He was a reformist that led his people through a period that experienced inordinate political and socio-economic reforms. He was not the oldest son of his father, Kavadh (I), and he was not able to succeed him immediately after his death. In spite […]