History of the Hollywood Red Carpet Essay

The red carpet has become an inclusive phenomenon of Hollywood. The first time a red carpet is mentioned in history is 485 BC in Aeschylus’s Agamemnon a Greek tragedy as a “crimson path.” For eons the red carpet has been roll out for heads of states most during formal and ceremonial occasions.  The red carpet tradition has however spread from royalty to other areas like showbiz in Hollywood where it is associated with celebrities, fashion, interviews and photo shoots for fauns and paparazzi.

From its origin the red carpet was used to honour gods and royalty. This is why it is still used to honour heads of states. It is for the honouring part of the tradition that Hollywood uses the carpet. In Hollywood the carpet is used to honour artists. Ideally the tradition was adapted to honour actors who had outstanding performance and providing an opportunity to meet with their funs, showcase their fashion have interviews and so on. At the moment critic feel that the red carpet has lost its mojo since all manner of actors now walk on it.

Fashion is an integral part of the Hollywood red carpet. Celebrities come dread their best, in designer made clothes, or clothes inspired by themselves. The clothes thereafter become a subject of discussion as analyst analyse and critique what every celebrity wore.  During the occasion, the celebrities engage in interviews either with journalist of paparazzi who ask them about the recent activities and future prospects. Celebrities have different experience at the red carpet and associated awards. Recently Ryan Secrets had one of the most embarrassing incidents at the red carpet when an ash like substance poured on his tuxedo.

in sum, the Hollywood red carpet is an adoption of the red carpet tradition with the aim of honouring celebrities. It is transformed from its original use of honouring god and royalty. In Hollywood it is accompanied by fashion and celebrity interviews.