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Global Health Initiatives and Their Goals

Global health initiatives are organizations that fund other organizations that implement programs and research on global diseases. These initiatives are one of the benefits of globalization. GHIs provide additional resources to health efforts on a global scale. GHIs source for funds and disburse them to organizations all around the world that deal with major global […]

Effects of Globalization on South Africa: Global Community

South Africa constitutes one of the countries whose economies are assuming an elevated niche in the global economy. Currently, it assumes one of the top ten positions in the global stock market. With regard to wealth and standards of living, it is among the top fifty countries on a global scale. However, there are inherent […]

Argumentative Essay on Advantages vs Limitations of Genetically Modified Foods

Every nation strives to attain self-sufficiency as far as food is concerned. Unfortunately, this has become a tall order for many nations, thanks to the ever-growing population which has increased demand for food supply. In essence, many nations have called upon technology in an effort to meet this challenge leading to the advent of genetically […]

Understanding of competency domain ‘Critical Thinking and Analysis’.

Part A: Very clear extensive explanation of the nursing competency domain ‘Critical Thinking and Analysis” NMBA (nursing midwifery board Australia 2006) Nursing, like most of other professions, require competency in culturally diverse backgrounds to ensure that no individual is left out in provision of quality health care. The writer is categorical that there is scantiness […]

Ethics in Healthcare Administration

Extravagance is the first issue the author addresses. The American government spends more on health care issues as compared to other sectors. Despite spending this much, the American government has not achieved a lot in keeping a healthy nation as it provides minimal education about healthy living and practices to its citizens. The American government […]

Hispanic Population Assesment Case Study

Health Issues A survey was conducted to obtain information on the health concerns of the Hispanic Americans living in California. The survey included 10 volunteers from the Hispanic community living in Los Angeles, randomly picked from the streets and residential areas with an even distribution across the city. Only adults were involved in the survey […]

Ethical principles in health care in the US

Contents Abstract    1 Ethical principles in health care    1 Ethical issues in patient care    2 Health care delivery issues    3 Professional roles and resources    4 Quality improvement in patient care service delivery    6 Abstract The healthcare sector has experienced rapid growth and evolution over time. This sector is charged with delivering the best services to […]

Effects of Drug Abuse Essay

Drug abuse has been a common problem for a very long time. There was a need to come up with treatment modalities that would help in dealing with a drug abuse problem.  For a long time now, there have been various psychologists trying to come up with modalities of treatment that will be useful and […]

Foundational frameworks of Quality Improvement, QI

Contents Foundational frameworks of Quality Improvement, QI    1 Different definition of the quality of care of various health care stakeholders    2 Roles of clinicians and patients in QI    2 Why is quality management needed in the health care industry?    3 What areas must be monitored for quality?    4 Regulatory and Accrediting associations involved in QI […]

Essay on Implications of the Affordable Care Act

Abstract Affordable Care Act offers the United States citizens with superior health security by establishing complete health insurance improvements that can increase coverage, hold insurance corporations answerable, promise additional choice, and improve the quality of care for the American people. The Act was approved by the Congress and then put into law in 2010. According […]