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Problems Caused by Emigration

Emigration entails the movement of people from their native country to a new country, in which they plan to settle. Emigration occurs because of notable reasons. In most circumstances, people escape awry political conditions, economic destitution, and social insecurity. In some cases, emigrants are merely adventurous individuals who want to experience new settings. People who […]

Global Civil Society

The Global Civil Society is the concept that continues to elicit mixed reactions. Scholars disagree on the appropriate definition of the concept while others challenge the existence and eligibility of the concept. Governments and marketers face the challenge of balance public interest and implementing their policies (Bennet, 2006). The Global Civil Society plays the role […]

foreign policy action by the USA government towards war on terror

Foreign policy refers to the way a nation interacts with other nations and set standards of interaction for its organization, corporation and the public.  The foreign action of a nation towards the outside world is an issue that is dependent on both internal and external factor s that affects a country’s decision making process. Foreign […]

Factors that contributed to the failure of the US foreign policies

According to Janis, groupthink is a decline of mental efficiency, moral judgement and reality testing, which usually results from an in-group pressures. The groupthink has a role in the making of the US foreign policy. Most of the America’s policy failures can be contributed to groupthink; for example the Bay of Pigs. Some irrational factors […]

Comparative analysis of three major approaches to the Armenian genocide

Introduction The principal purpose of the current thesis lies in the comparative analysis of three major approaches to the issue of Armenian genocide. The researched worldviews include: the Armenian, Turkish, and American visions of the Armenian genocide. Also, a mental note should be made that the investigated worldviews are discrepant and contradictory, making the ongoing […]

Mission Command Paper: The Recapture of Corregidor

Within the Philippines islands, lying approximately 23 nautical miles from the Manila bay, is a fundamental piece of province that achieved a reputation due to a little battle all through its history (Flanagan, 1995). Manila Bay holds four fortresses islands and the island of Corregidor (Rock) is one among the four fortresses (Flanagan, 1995). The […]

Case Study on the Corporate Crime of Trafigura Dumping Toxic Waste in Ivory Coast

The case study focuses on a green crime committed by Trafigura in Ivory Coast in 2006. The company contracted a company to dispose of its highly toxic waste in the West African country. The contractors failed to follow the right safety procedures for disposing such waste. They dumped the waste across various locations in Abidjan. […]