Global Issue: The way technology is essential to our everyday life

The world is today becoming extremely globalised, and this is mostly as a result of technology. In turn, society has been affected in an immense way. Technology can be either harmful or beneficial to society, depending on how it is used. In every culture, in the world, there is the use of technology to some extent, and in turn, peoples live have changed. Through globalization, technology is now in use by many people, and it makes them connect with each other.

This paper sees to give a critical analysis concerning technology, which is a global issue. Furthermore, it seeks to find out how life has been affected by technology, as well as the dangers associated with it.

Critical analysis of technology as a global issue that affects everyday life
The introduction of internet technology has changed life in many ways. It is extremely difficult to count the magnitude of its impact. Moreover, business and the global world trade have become reliable, easier and faster. Business people from different parts of the world are now able to carry out transactions and communicate via the internet. For example, a business man dealing in selling shoes, in China, can easily market his products to a customer in Australia. They do not need to travel to each other’s country as the internet provides them with a forum, which makes them conduct business easily. People can now purchase airline tickets from the comfort of their homes and payment is through the existing on line facilities. In fact, in modern times, businesses that are not making use of technology do not have the competitive advantage like those that have technology. Technology ensures that businesses become globalised and in turn, increase profitability levels, through having a wide customer base.

The educational sector is one that is globalised, due to the extensive use of technology. In turn, it has changed the lives of people by making the quality of education improve. In most modern interactive classrooms, one cannot fail to see projectors and 3D images. It becomes easy for students to access knowledge using various options. Teaching has even acquired a new dimension, as technology has brought about the use of the internet, PowerPoint presentations, as well as computers. It is now possible for a student in Africa to study in a virtual classroom with other students in the United States. So long as the student from Africa has the right technological equipment they can acquire their education on -line. This system of learning is beneficial as students from various parts of the world can interact on- line. In turn, this fosters the process of globalization, as ideas are transferred from various people despite being in different locations.

Communication is another global issue, which has been affected by technology. In fact, communication has been revolutionized by extreme technological developments.  Examples are websites for social networking such as Twitter and Facebook. They have taken over the traditional method of communicating whereby, people used to talk on a face-to-face basis. As a result of this technology, people from various regions can interact quite easily. Also, some people have taken advantage of the social websites to engage in social media marketing. It is not a rare sight to see people advertising their products on Facebook, as it is cheap and convenient method. In turn, it is possible for American products to be found in various markets such as Asia and Africa. The latter is a way of making sure that globalization is enhanced technology and in a positive way. Moreover, on -line dating is fast catching the attention of many people and people are earning a lot of money from it.

In this case, technology allows for people to communicate in a more ‘friendly’ environment. This method of dating is preferred by many people as they believe it is an easy way of meeting potential partners. This issue is global as it affects the people who are members of such websites. This is a global issue that has been brought about by technology and it has benefited many people.

On the other hand, technology as an issue that is global has been harmful in some ways. For example, it has increased the number of fraud cases quite significantly, and many people have lost their money to fraudsters. The latter often have exemplary technology skills, and find it easy to steal from people through hacking into the accounts or even their ATM’s. This is an issue of significant concern all over the world as its impact is being felt all over. The other problem that has been caused by technology and is global is that some people are now addicted to the internet. Psychologists are worried that this is a problem that has the potential of affecting the health of many internet users.

In conclusion, technology is a vital tool in everyday life as, without it, life would be hard. Furthermore, it is associated with global issues such as communications, education, and business, among others. People should use technology wisely, in order to make sure its impact is not negative, but positively.