Given a chance to spend a day in New York City with a famous New Yorker, I would definitely prefer the veteran, George Steinbrenner

Personal Statements
Question One
Given a chance to spend a day in New York City with a famous New Yorker, I would definitely prefer the veteran, George Steinbrenner, who solely owns New York Yankees. Notably, he is not only a veteran, but also a sports person and a successful business man. First, I would wish to visit the American Shipbuilding Company and interact with its administrators in order to learn the basics of successful business management from practical examples. Then, I would enjoy the rest of the day interacting with players of the renowned team and if possible, participating in their training sessions. Later in the evening, I would have a personal talk with George Steinberg in the prestigious Peninsula New York hotel and learn about his experience from the time he was serving in the Air force to date. Most importantly, I would want to know his personal opinion regarding successful business management and administration.

Question Two
Life’s full of twists and turns
That requires great knowledge to unwind
It has steep hills and mountains
That requires great energy to conquer

Education is our great empowerment
It instills values and skills
It imparts knowledge and wisdom
It is the best weapon to success

Question Three
The movie would be called ‘The Power of the Mind” and the story line would feature a young, ambitious and talented boy who has a great urge to pursue quality education in a renowned institution of higher learning. This urge enables him to join the most renowned institution of higher learning to pursue a course he believes would make him successful in life. During the course of study, he exhibits exemplary performance in all aspects. He is a great athlete who wins numerous medals for the institution. This makes him famous and he wins an education scholarship to undertake his post graduate studies at the same institution. By the time he complete this, he has great offers to work for famous business companies. He only does this for two years, after which he had mobilized sufficient resources to set up his own company. Within five years, he heads a successful international business. Looking back, he states, “It was all in the power of the mind”.

Question Four
The fact that I am a born leader who has interests in budgeting, planning, organizing and working with people towards achieving goals made me choose to pursue Business Administration. My choice of Stern School of business was based on the recognition that it seeks to nurture great business leadership qualities using dynamic and integrative programs. Its incorporating of technological advancement and exposure of students to opportunities to network also made me believe that I would find the right career if is study at the institution. What interests me most about business administration is the fact that it incorporates economics, accounting, marketing and management. Thus on completion of study, one has a broad array of career choices that s/he can decide to pursue. This is further augmented by its emphasis on entrepreneurship.