Girl Scouts Grant Request Letter

It is an honor, and a privilege to be part of you, and even participate in making the decision as to the non-governmental organization that is worth receiving our grant.

Before I make a suggestion on the organization which I think deserves this grant, I wish to draw your attention to the main idea behind giving this grant.  It is easy to look around and find quite a number of groups that would do with a grant. They have impressive curricula vita, ambitious plans, as well as well-prepared goals and objectives. While all these factors may point at the appropriateness of the organization as a recipient for the grant, it is worth noting that the organizations may have invested tremendously in public relations, all in an effort to look impressive on the outside while the inside may be rotten. In essence, our grant has to be guided by the effectiveness and efficiency of the NGO in meeting its goals, as well as the impact that the group has had in the past and present.

The effectiveness of a group can be deduced from its past performance as far as the impact on the society is concerned. In essence, we can always tell the nature of these organizations by looking at their performance. This is what has guided my suggestion that the grant is given to the Girl Scouts of Northern New Jersey.

One of the key or main reasons for selecting this organization is the impact that girl scouts have on the society as a whole. There exists an adage that says that when you help a woman, you will have helped an entire society. This is an acknowledgement of the fact that the actions or success of a woman reverberates in the entire society, in which case women are bound to have a greater impact on the society than men. In a study conducted on some of the most influential women in America, it was recognized that 64 percent of the women had been girl scouts. This is quite a large percentage. As much as they may not incorporate the ability to do exploits like other NGOs, it goes without saying that investing in these young girls goes a long way in safeguarding a future that is better than we think.

First, it is notable that the girl scouting experience impacts positively on the ability of these girls to work with other people. In this same study, a whopping 82 percent attested to this fact, a figure that rises to 93 percent for individuals who spent more than five years in the girl scouts organization. Most of the respondents attested to the fact that the organization helps girls to find their social and personal identities. The girls learn invaluable skills in creating, sharing activities, as well as imagination. This underlines the fact that the organization has lived up to its mission statement, which is “Girl Scouting builds girls of courage, confidence, and character, who make the world a better place”. It aims at delivering premier leadership experience for young girls from Northern New Jersey and focusing its resources on the varied challenges that the state faces, so as to produce inspiring and visionary leaders for the community, both in the present and future.

Obviously, the organization has produced quite a large number of visionary and inspiring women who are leading the way for the entire society in various levels.

The same research noted that the girl scouting experience positively affected the girls’ moral values. It goes without saying that one of the most horrifying and worrying trends is the deterioration of moral values among young people. I believe that we have spent quite a lot of time lamenting about the causes of this deterioration, as well as its impacts.

Very few people talk about solutions, or even take the necessary step in trying to change the course of things. I believe that we should take action and invest in these girls. This experience imparts in them communication skills, honesty, truth, and integrity, all of which shape the people that they become in the future. Many women involved in the study opined that the girl-scouting experience was their introduction to issues such as environmental consciousness.

On the same note, girl scouting experience impacts positively on the volunteer activities of these women in the later years. Scholars opine that the girl scouts experience directly results in a need to participate in volunteer activities. It goes without saying that the state needs volunteers who have an innate desire to help and assist in improving or alleviating the conditions of people. In essence, this grant will go a long way in nurturing volunteers who will make a different in the lives of generations to come.

These reasons convince me that the best institution to invest the grant on is the Girl Scouts of Northern New Jersey. It is worth noting that, these reasons do not ignore the fact that the organization has been extremely trustworthy with its money as it can account for every single cent that has passed through its hands. It is also registered with IRS and has its requisite forms filled with the IRS. I believe that giving the grant to the organization is a step in the right investment, in the future.