Giving Criminal Offenders a second chance

Incarceration It is good to note that, the criminal justice system has with time evolved since ancient time to present a new series of punishment stratagems. Evolution has focused on reducing the extent of punishment to permit for a lesser extent of belligerence. In medieval Europe and ancient times in other societies, punishment was structured […]

How Genetic Modification is Changing the World

Man has always been on a discovery trend since time immemorial, and the scientific era has led to many technological discoveries. Genetic modification is a discovery established in the 1980s aimed at improving people’s lives and enhancing existing organisms and their products (Carter, Moschini, and Sheldon, 2011). The process yields genetically modified organisms, commonly abbreviated […]

Global Economic Cooperation

U.S and Japan are two major economic powers accounting for almost 30% of world domestic product. Also they the two countries occupy a significant portion of both international trade and investment. Apparently, U.S and Japan are major actors in the world economy whose impact on the rest of the world is undeniable. Trade relationship between […]

Global Climate Change Essay

The global climate change is not an alien concept in the contemporary society. It is a trend that is continuing and can be attributed to human activities. The global climate change is therefore man made. Humans contribute to the change by causing potential changes in the atmosphere in the amount of aerosols and green house […]

Genesis Book of the Bible Analysis

Genesis one includes the narration of all creation. The almighty spoke all aspects into existence over six days and relaxed on the seventh day. The origin of man is deemed to be in the sixth day hence considered as the acme of the creation. Man took pleasure in a unique rapport with God. Genesis Two […]

The effects of the 2008 recession, causes and how the countries have struggled to mitigate the effects of this period

Global recession can be defined as a time when there is a slowing down of economic growth globally. According to the international monetary fund, a global economic growth that is below three percent is indicative of global recession. Based on this criterion, it is estimated that the world has gone through four periods of economic […]

Genetics and Criminal Behavior Essay

A number of researchers have actually reported study results which show that there is indeed a positive correlation between genetics and crime, suggesting that genetics does play a role in the development of criminal behavior. These assertions are merited, as in as much as the environment within which an individual is raised plays an important […]

Giving Honest Opinion about Dietary Supplements

In the article titled, confidence in the efficacy and safety of dietary supplements among United States active duty army personnel, Lieberman and Carvey (2012) observe that dietary supplements are used by the U.S. army soldiers to enhance their muscle strength and energy. According to a study that was conducted by Monroe (2012), dietary supplements such […]

Essay: Gertrude Stein’s poetry transforms the reader into the writer. Do you agree?

Yes. Gertrude Stein’s use of language transforms the reader to into writer. This can be seen in the manner in which the poetry has caused much merriment among reviewers as well as critics, but this has achieved its intended purpose of completely engaging the reader. According to her autobiography, “My sentences do get under their […]

What were the purposes and strategies of Johnson’s Great Society programs?

What were the purposes and strategies of Johnson’s Great Society programs? After his outstanding 1964 victory, Johnson outlined a proposal aimed at cleaning governmental actions to encourage public overall well-being since the New Delhi.  The initiatives termed as the Great Society endorsed in 1966- 67, Medicare and Medicaid programs provided health services to the elderly […]