Essay: There is No Hope of Doing Perfect Research (Griffiths, 1998, P97)’ do you agree?

The dictionary defines research as a careful investigation or a search for knowledge. Research is used to establish fact, solve problems and to also develop new ideas. I don’t believe    in the existence of anything perfect, let alone perfect research. So I agree with the statement based on the fact that we are still […]

Uniliver Persil Marketing Strategy Essay

Unilever has been licensed by Henkel limited to manufacture, distribute and market their Persil detergent brand. The company enjoys a relatively large market share, although it faces strict competition from Procter & Gamble for the £3 billion cleaning products market in the UK. Unilever has been in existence since 1929 and is the third largest […]

Nutritional Analysis of Mediterranean diet Essay

The Mediterranean diet describes the eating habits observed within the olive growing regions located around the Mediterranean. The diet has been extensively studied after researchers noted that the habitants of the Mediterranean region displayed a lower incidence of cardiovascular disease. This is despite the high-fat content of the diet (Colomer & Menéndez, 2006). The Mediterranean […]