Having a car is a good thing if you have the cash. The good thing about cars is that you can choose any according to your pocket. It’s either new or a used one. There are a few things that one needs to consider when finally deciding that this is the car am buying.

Process analysis: How to relax

Relaxation is an important health practice that helps to unwind after a hectic day or a physical and mentally demanding activity.  Regular relaxation exercises help to alleviate stress and anxiety.  Just like the benefits of physical exercise come gradually, the benefits of relaxations are also incremental and come gradually. All one needs is a reasonable […]

How to Write a Marketing Communications Strategy + Sample Essay

Introduction A brief introduction of the Integrated Marketing communication strategy A briefing about the Holiday Inn A thesis statement that gives a skeleton or rather a sketchy detail about the whole essay 2- Body A theoretical argument of the various strategies integrated together to form a single more comprehensive marketing strategy A practical example of […]

History of the Hollywood Red Carpet Essay

The red carpet has become an inclusive phenomenon of Hollywood. The first time a red carpet is mentioned in history is 485 BC in Aeschylus’s Agamemnon a Greek tragedy as a “crimson path.” For eons the red carpet has been roll out for heads of states most during formal and ceremonial occasions.  The red carpet […]

Process Narrative: Discourse analysis

Discourse analysis is a qualitative method that was developed and adopted by social constructionist.  The method traces its origin from communication and linguistics. It offers numerous ways of investigating the meanings in natural conversation and cultural contexts. Discourse analysis is increasingly becoming common in both academic and non-academic settings. It can be referred to as […]

Holly Farm

Holly farm belongs to Charles and Gillian Giles who are farmers who refused to give up when their sales from milk and cereals from their farm diminished. They decided to make better use of their farm and see if it would increase their profits. In the year 2003 the couple renovated the farm and built […]

Process Decision Program Chart

Process Decision Program Chart (PDPC) is a decision tree that helps decision-makers to identify risks associated with the implementation of a solution to a particular problem and to explore alternative ways of countering the associated risks (Bialek, Duffy & Moran, 2009). The key benefit of PDPC is to help decision-makers identify areas that might go […]

Problems Facing US Education System

Education is the social process in which a learner becomes subjected to a system of acquisitions of knowledge, skills and attitudes to change his capability and enable them apply the education gained in relevant circumstances. The whole concept is based on passing the specified education from a more informed person to a lesser one through […]