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Problems Facing US Education System

Education is the social process in which a learner becomes subjected to a system of acquisitions of knowledge, skills and attitudes to change his capability and enable them apply the education gained in relevant circumstances. The whole concept is based on passing the specified education from a more informed person to a lesser one through […]

Problem based learning

Problem based learning is an angle of learning focusing mainly on the process of problem solving and acquiring of knowledge. The approach has also elements of inquiry when the learners are active in creating problems during the process of learning. Problem based learning has the following segments : identifying the problem at hand, determining the […]

Causes of Insecurity in Educational Institutions in the US

Security is one of the most crucial aspects in any part of the world. It is no mistake, that almost every government in all parts of the globe spends a considerable proportion of their budgets on defense and security. This is especially because security safeguards almost all rights in which case all other rights would […]

Essay on Problems facing international students

In their endeavor to study in foreign environments, international students encounter several problems. Some of the challenges include financial constraints because they study far from their homes, language and culture difficulties (International student, 1). The problems facing international students are a matter of concern because Redden states that many universities depend on these students for […]

Essay Analysis of Girls Participation in Sciences

Issues pertaining to girls participating in science subjects have been contentious for quite a while. It is noteworthy that sciences, especially physics, chemistry, mathematics and computing technology have been dominated mainly by males. Girls lack interest in sciences both as careers and areas of study simply because they hold the opinion that they are too […]

Adult education in the perspective of access as well as political viewpoint

Adult education is only appropriately achievable through adoption of sound education system that does not only incorporate feasible practices, programs and policies but also allow fairness as well as democracy in the access of such service by learners. In essence, adult education requires democratization of the whole education process taking into consideration the interests of […]

How to Improve Administration Procedures, Routines, and Transitions

There are various procedures and routines depending on the school. This is because different schools have different administration. During the first day in school, students are introduced to the calendar of that semester. They are then advised to handle in their assignments to the respective departments. The school calendar mostly entails the days for sitting […]

Myelination Essay: Childhood Development

Myelination is a body development process through which a fatty layer, myelin, accumulates around the axon of the neurons. Myelin protects the neuron while increasing its capacity to transmit information. The neurons will be able to conduct signals faster and allow for more complex neural processes. Child maltreatment incorporates all types of abuse against a […]

Learning Disabilities in Children between the Ages of 9 and 13 in Inner City Areas

One in five children in the United States are affected by a type of learning and attention disability greatly impacting their productivity. In the American public education system, there are 2.4 million students with learning disabilities (LD), with the number of students identified increasing by 18% since 2002. Children with LD often find difficulties in […]

Learning Styles in the Classroom Essay

The Main Research Problem Basically, the study is based on the integral need for a proficient learning platform. Indeed, the author provides an assertion that has been created based on the understanding of both the theoretical underpinning of policy frameworks associated with the learning processes and styles. This is a concept developed amidst prevailing diversified […]