Concept of Wearable computing and Identification tag: Global Information System


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Concept of Wearable computing and Identification tag    3
Develop the Excel model of the business case
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Activity B: Report to CEO

Concept of Wearable computing and Identification tag

Research the background for the wearable identification tags project

In software innovation the process of development in the system are conducted with so many new features mainly for the identification tags of wearable computing.  This wearable computing with new technology and devices are accessing new areas by which they are incorporated with the practical function and new features. Mainly it is related to both the field computers in the software innovation system by matching the historical moment and development of wearable computers. This technology has shared the interview vision within the technology in our daily’s life by which we can help to make the proper technology without any friction. The wearable technologies’ histories are influenced with the help of the property innovation with response of the vision of computing. There are so many companies like Sony Ericson is teamed up with the new innovation system in many colleges of London for a contest to design the digital clothing. The competition’s winner was along with Bluetooth technology. So by these things we can create new innovation in the software industry. Traditionally the hard ware of the computer and software are mainly designed to support the main environments of the users (Lehn, Makhija, 1996).

Risks are associated with wearable computing

The computing system of wearable is much more difficult to provide the input with system requirements. Most of the inputs are available for interaction of explicit with either a high lord or the low lord system. With the help of this implementation in a software system it is a very tough process to complete. So there are any chances by which the risks are associated with the wearable computing system in innovation of software.

Advantages of wearable computing system

There are so many advantages of wearable computing system they are as follows:

  • In communication section the wearable computing are enhanced with many other system
  • It will used to recognize in a high alerted area with so many conducted persons
  • In a software innovation system the wearable will facilitate the main requirements of wearer’s
  • The software system will be fully flexible with the help development of software system
  • The main criteria of system software are randomly worked with the new creativity including the system software


Disadvantages of wearable computing system:

There are so many disadvantages by using the wearable computing software system like

  • So many main equipments that are used in wearable computing system which are very expensive
  • Some of wearable computers in a system software are consist lots of writing
  • It is more expensive and more costly to implement by innovating system
  • The main disadvantages can be easily tracked from everywhere
  • It will cause the limitation of the system development  in the software department


The required infrastructure

With the help of infrastructure area the system development’s main criteria is required from source to destination with entire system. The smart infrastructures including the development of the system are bridges, roads, dams etc with the help of innovation of the software system. In this system we need to build a wearable tag reader in different position with different types by which it will coils the integrated in the main development area of the software system. We did built different types of coils with the use of different types of connected reader by which it will connected to the acceptable reader. This type of data flow diagram will ensure the data’s within the infrastructure of the wearable computing management system. These management systems are made by smart technical system. The computing system of wearable computer has so many advantages in an innovation from the worm in a continuous intelligence within the requirements infrastructures (Lehn, Makhija, 1996).


How wearable tags should be managed:

In the software innovation system by developing the software innovation the wearable computing are manageable in any position without any capable or disputing infrastructure with smart work. By this process we are able to build an new complete integrated system which have to include the infrastructure including smartness with a new model. This new model will be suitable in the innovation technology with the help of the development of software system. We used more tags to protect and control the entire system of the development of software system. At last finally we handled and evaluate this data in a new way by using more information gain within the process for the infrastructure itself.

Develop the Excel model of the business case

  Project 1                      (£) Project 2                       (£) Project 1                      (£) Project 2                       (£)
Cost -100,000 -80,000
Expected Annual Net Profit/(Loss)
Year 1 60,000 35,000 50,000 35,000
Year 2 50,000 40,000 90,000 75,000
Year 3 30,000 40,500 120,000 105,500
Year 4 20,000 11,000 140,000 116,500
Net Present Value 114,712 95,304 Discount Rate 20%
Internal Rate of Return  22% 20%
Payback Period 5 year 3 Years
Profitability Index 1.7 1.45625

Playback period:  The playback period in any section with the help of big capital budget will refer them require time in some periods. These periods of funds are expended in the industry with the help of the investment. The term used in the industry also used any other type of investments such as maintenance, upgrades and the other changes. The periods of the playback is the most basic and simple investment with new techniques by which this will help to provide a better result from the company. The easiest part is the playback period with the help of basic investment and new techniques by which it is generally utilized by the main user which does not have sufficient knowledge with different business proposals with different techniques (Chen, Dodd1997).
Net present value (NPV):  The Net Present Value or NPN presents the series of the time both are coming from incoming and outgoing sum of the present values. The net present value is the most important value by which one can signify the appraisal investment techniques. These techniques will help them to provide a clear result of the investment opinion for the company.  Net present value is determined the difference in between the present values and the flow of cash which are coming from outflow. The current value and the flows of cash are determined as well as obtained the main discounting rate at an equivalent point of time to the cost of the capital.  The NPN value is the most suitable and most significant appraisal investments with new techniques by making the value of money into its account to provide an accurate result (Stewart, 1993).
Internal rate of return:  The maximum return in international in term of budget of the capital to measure and compare the profitability of the proper investments. International rate with return help to find out the proper rate of discount by which the present values of the cash inflow are determined. These determinations are same and equal. Both the international rate and the net present value of return talk time money into its account which helps them to achieve the proper result.  The net present value will consider the proper suitable investments with new techniques will provide to accurate the result. Finally the result will related the two mutually exclusive projects.
Profitability index:  It is ratio about the payoff investments to the proposed projects.
Profitability Index= future cash flow of PV / the initial investment
Profitability ratio is considered with the cost benefit ratio by which it will basically represent the extended version of the net present value. PV index will help the proper investments by which they can provide the profitability index 1 or more than 1 than the project will be selected on the other hand. This project will not select the reverse situation. This spread sheet is helps them to determine the investments option suitably for the investment purpose.  The outcome will be obtained with the help of the net present value, with play back period and the profitability index are calculated the speed data sheet.  From the calculation 1 will be selected automatically in the net present value within the higher value of the main project.
Part 3

Sensitive analysis

This is one of the most important and major part with the necessary of primary tools in a capital budgeting system. In this analysis all the examining parts of the overall effect with an uncertainty prediction of forecasting the choices of avidity to the new investments for the company. These investments are available for the companies are called sensitive analysis. This analysis of sensitive improvement will help to break the Net present value by calculating the primary component with so many assumptions. This assumption will helps them to signify to show how to present the net significant values in different forms for the underlying changes of assumptions. The sensitive analysis are always helpful to the several significant assumptions by understanding the new investments with the given option and effort to refine the aspects. With the help of graphing the NPV of the given projects are acting with discount rate to utilize the cost of the capital in a correct way. In general the financial manager will browse the sensibility of the NPV calculation with the help of sensitive analysis. There are significant analyses which are related to the remote area of an uncertain system cost of the software development. This assumption of costs, sold unit, price sale and the cost of scolds good with net working capital and cost capital by determined the main accuracy.
Part 4

Report to the Senior Management

Executive Business Report
The analysis of the finance will help them to provide a clear and precise a suitable understanding of the given project with so many options available for the new investments. With the help of the gathering and generating information by calculating the data’s to make it more evident with the help of following investments in a wearable computing system. This system will not only help to improve the overall communication of the system software but also to enhance the overall salary system by helping the determination date and time to all the employees entry and exit form in an organization.  This clocking system will help to provide a clear definition and a clear time to maintain the previous record to the salary. The HR of the innovation system will not be able to help to improve the ethic of the company but it will help to reduce the time and the cost of the software system management to calculate the salary of the employee according to their leaving certification in the organization. From this type of analysis the capital cost are to be required with the help of the implementation to innovate the main organization in a certain period of amount of the main capital which form the help of the investment with new techniques such that Net present values, rate of internal return, playback period and profitability period of time to provide a clear understanding about the required capital. This capital will be required for the investment purpose with net profit from the given instrument. It is certified with the help of sensitivity analysis of the net present values by which we can create a clear knowledge on several aspects of significant elements.
Therefore it is an evident form with the basic calculation and observation of the data’s and information by collecting the wearable computing system and implementation in the organization which will helps them to maintain the time to reduce the consumed data’s calculated by the HR of the software system management in the company (Anacoreta, Silva 2005).


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Activity A: Journal
Journal in Technical innovation in software development
Date of research activity/discussion
The software technologies have been more conducting to investment the sincere activities since 2003 including the development of new product using the best methods. The agile is development process by which it will store the management system method which was introduced in past and it is continuing in present days to the development of the software. For more information according to the OECD’s direction the innovation will refers the implementations including the new products with new process with the help of significant technologies and improvements. The seminar of innovation in technological ways is dated on 9th April 2014 to assist the attendance the maximum efforts (Bacidore, Boquist, Milbourn Thakor, 1997).
Topic researched or discussed
Now a day’s an innovation of software system is broadly successful with the help of commercial introduction with new products and its services. The innovation can be so easily implemented about the product on the market by introducing within the production process. When this technology of innovation involves with a combined series of scientific and useful organization, this is more important in the research sector and development area by which all the innovation of the software information are motivated. The innovation of the software may process into different type by leading with:

  • The novel aspect development with full features and full applications within the software products
  • This will introduce a new software product with good service or process by improvement of the previous generation to the software process
  • The market existing of the entry level to the creation of the new market to innovate the development of the software

The open source development is not suitable for individual systems. There are so many companies are engaged with open source companies directly by relating the software’s or hardware’s equipments in the use of the software for open source software.  So many examples of open source software like apache software by which it will be able to dominant in the open source market with a good quality web server. From the main point of the open source software it will develop another type of software in software system. The agile is the new software and modifying software innovation process in the open market now a day.
Duration of time
The total seminar was exists for 4 hours to improve the system of the HR system by which it can assist the employee’s attendances. This is done with the help of the new concept including new ideas in the seminar (Ouchi, 1979).
Brief description of research activity
The software innovations are driven often with the requirements and the expectations of the time with development process to give the feedback.  By the software innovation process the software sector by opening secure models. These models are more specified with the help of firm specific needed items. These models are specified with discount rates to the remote area to the software innovation system. From the open source development this software is known a successful innovation system beyond someone’s criteria. The theory will approach the developer’s basic secure code.
From the above seminar point of view we may conclude the innovation process of the software system by developing an increment with rapid mode within the new concepts and modified technologies. This open source models are identified with new technologies in a verity forms to the whole developers.  So the software system developments are increased with the help of basic source code (Williamson, 1985).