Comparison between Downtown and suburban locations in US Cities

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Comparison between Downtown and suburban locations    1
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Comparison between Downtown and suburban locations

There are notable differences in trading area size and characteristics for a downtown and a suburban location for a Home Depot as depicted in the case study and these are;
When comparing a Home Depot located in suburban area to that located in downtown area it is evident that that which is located in downtown is smaller. This is so because from the study we can see that the Home Depot located in Manhattan which is a downtown area has no space for modifications of the stores exterior since its location is a landmark preservation area that can not be tampered with. There are also some departments lacking such as the lumber department this is due to the limited trading area in this downtown region, though it is obviously present in a Home Depot located in suburban area.
There are some products in the downtown Manhattan Home Depot that are only available on order while others are in store reason being the limited trading area in this downtown stores as compared to those in suburban areas. The products in the stores in suburban area are all in store and the client does not have to wait for the products since they are available in the store.
Home Depots in downtown area are characterized by a large number of clients for this reason there is a doorman who assists the customers in loading their luggage and also get taxis. a characteristic of this stores in downtown area is also the presence of a concierge who directs customers to the correct aisles this are not available in suburban areas.
Due to a diverse clientele the Home Depots in downtown areas are characterized by signs of different languages within the stores. This is different in the case of a suburban Home Depot since they only signs available are in languages understandable to the people that dominate the area.

Location and site selection of the Home Depot

There are quite a number of differences on selection of location and site selection of home depots located in downtown and suburban areas. Rent is a crucial matter when making a decision on where to locate a Home Depot in a downtown area. The area of choice should not be too high on rent. Rents in suburb areas are lower when compared to those in downtown areas. A large number of clientele in downtown area require a large parking space therefore when selecting the site for a store in downtown area ample space should be a factor to be put into consideration. In suburban area parking space is not such a big factor when selecting a site.
When putting up a depot in downtown area the population of the site to locate is a factor to be considered it would not be fiscal to select a site where there would be no clients to sell to or an area that is too populous to cause human traffic.

Manhattan stores and the community

The Home Depot stores in Manhattan should be made in such a way that they can be taken in or be adapted by the community by various means. There should be numerous adverts that will make people aware of the products and the prices they will get them at. They should also stock high quality products that will attract the clients and also retain them. The pricing should also be done fairly when a client compares them to other stores in the area. For the products that are not stocked once ordered they should be delivered on time so that the clients can gain trust in them especially those whose are buying from them for the first time. The clients will build confidence and will not be hesitant to make another order. They can also organize for public events where they can interact with the members of the community on a personal level which will build on the relationship and also gain new clients

Effect of businesses in Manhattan

The Home Depot that will be located in Manhattan will stock all hardware products and lighting implements and systems that are required on a regular basis. Home Depot being a huge chain of stores with investments everywhere, they are bound to be cheaper than the hardware stores that were already established in Manhattan. This reduction in price coupled by the readily available quantities will have an adverse effect on the sales of the local hardware stores and lighting stores.