Climate change is an issue of concern to environmentalist and humanity at large

Climate change is one of the issues that we are facing in the world. In my view, climate change has become an ethical issue.  This means that, for an environmentalist to be able to solve the climate issues, they require a fundamental shift in ethics. Philosophers and environmentalist have tried to solve environmental problems by coming up with philosophical concepts. In my opinion, climate change is an issue of concern to environmentalist and humanity at large.

Climate change has resulted to different impacts that have affected humanity. First, change in the weather patterns. This has affected human activity such as farming. In addition, plant and animal species have been greatly affected by change in climate (Gardiner, 585).  Human activities are the primary causes of climate change for instance burning of fossil fuels. Additionally, dangerous heat waves have been an issue of concern. Depletion of the oxen layers has also affected human beings. This is because of the direct ultraviolet rays from the sun. In most parts of the world, drought has become an issue of concern. This is because of a change in climate conditions thus affecting the farming activities.

According to me, global warming has brought about harmful effects on areas such as health and most importantly on the environment. This affects different species that inhabit these ecosystems. Human beings should ensure that they prevent global warming, this by making sure that they do not carry out activities that pollute the environment. Global warming will continue intensifying if they do not control the activities (The New York Times, 1). This will affect the entire planet including the animal species. It is evident that, the temperature is rising at a high rate compared to the past. Recently, records show that, 2013 was the hottest year.

We are answerable for the climate change. This is because of the  release of carbon dioxide that traps heat causing rise of temperature in the environment. Deforestation has also resulted to change climate change. This has been a great effect especially in the tropics. The land is left bare hence no circulation of air in the atmosphere. Scientifically, carbon dioxide is absorbed by plants during photosynthesis. Thus, when we destroy forests there is accumulation of carbon dioxide in the environment resulting to global warming (Gardiner , 589).

Primarily, human activities are the major causes of global warming and climate change.  It is the choice of each one of use to ensure that, we prevent these activities that result to the release of carbon dioxide. The temperature is increasing ever day what will happen to the future generation? Fossil fuels being the main cause of carbon dioxide can be avoided (The New York Times, 1). This is by inventing renewable sources of energy which do not result to release of carbon dioxide. Different environmental organizations have done a comprehensive research to give people the right measures to follow to ensure that we make the environment a better place to inhabit.

In conclusion, global warming has always been an issue of concern. It is the high time that we stop solving the issue theoretically but instead practically implement measures to prevent global warming from intensifying (Times). Global warming has also resulted to rise in the sea level. This is because of melting of ice in the mountains thus rise in the sea level.  People should also be sensitized on the issue of global warming so that they may know the growing impact of global warming.

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