Case Study of Andrew Wakefield

Andrew Wakefield

  • Andrew Jeremy Wakefield is an earlier surgeon of British origin and medical investigator, acknowledged for his deceptive 1998 investigation document. The paper was a back up of the presently-discredit argument that there was a connection between the management of the mumps, measles, and rubella (MMR) vaccine, and the manifestation of bowel and autism disease. Wakefield came into existence in 1957; his mother was a common practitioner and his father a neurologist (Andrew 45). Upon exiting the self-governing King Edward’s School, Wakefield proceeded to study medication at St Mary’s Hospital Medical School completely becoming certified in 1981. Wakefield turned out to be a member of the Royal College of Surgeons in 1985. From 1986 to 1989, at the University of Toronto, he was in the team that learned about tissue refutation situations with small intestine transfer employing animal reproductions. He sustained his education on small intestine transfer in a Wellcome Trust mobile comradeship at the Toronto University.
  • Back in Britain, he labored on the liver transfer project at the Royal Free Hospital in the UK.  Wakefield got a great professional notice in 1993 when he availed documents in which he established that measles illness might lead Crohn’s infection; and two years afterward he printed a document in The Lancet suggesting a connection between the Crohn’s disorder and measles vaccine.  Successive study failed to prove this theory, with a team of specialists in Britain analyzing a figure of peer-evaluated researches in 1998. The specialist confirmed that the measles illness did not lead to Crohn’s sickness, and that the MMR protection did not cause Crohn’s disorder.
  • Later on, in 1995, whilst carrying out a research into Crohn’s sickness, he was consulted by Rosemary Kessick, the father of a child suffering from autism. The mother was looking for assistance with her son’s bowel situations and autism; Kessick was in charge of a team known as Allergy Stimulated Autism.  Come in 1996, Wakefield concentrated his interest to investigating possible links between autism and the MMR vaccine.
  • Wakefield consequently assisted institute and worked as the managerial principal of Thoughtful House Center for the Young that investigates autism in Austin. He persistent to endorse the hypothesis of a connection between autism and the MMR prevention in spite of acknowledging it was confirmed. He departed Thoughtful House in 2010 February, following the UK General Medical Council discovery that he had been deceitful and reckless in carrying out his previous autism study in England (Andrew 78).  In May 2010 became a therapeutic consultant for Visceral, a Britain aid organization that studies bowel sickness and developmental situations. Wakefield unremitting to carry out scientific exploration in the U. S. upon exiting the Royal Free Hospital in 2001. He united with a divisive American investigator, Jeff Bradstreet, to carry out further reviews on the possible connection between autism and the MMR vaccine.
  • Wakefield’s research and his assert that the MMR vaccine may lead autism caused a decrease in vaccination levels in the U. S, Ireland, and United Kingdom and a consequent increase in mumps and measles. The decline in turn led to grave sickness and bereavements, and his unrelenting cautions in opposition to the vaccine have played a great role to a weather of mistrust of the entire vaccines and the recurrence of other formerly managed diseases (Andrew 89). Wakefield has persistent to protect his study and conclusions, arguing that there was no deception, fraud or proceeds motive.  As lately as February 2015, he openly maintained his refusals and denials to yield from his claims. There is now no reputable body of judgment that backs up Dr. Wakefield’s theory that autism and MMR vaccine are fundamentally connected.

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