Beowulf’s epic exhibits three monster archetypes, every related to an inside battle Beowulf is experiencing. Ultimately, his battles with every monster lead to his victory over every demon within. As Beowulf efficaciously defeats Grendel’s Mother, he describes this as follows: “The water used to be calm and clean, the total lake/was peaceable as soon as the demons who lived/in it/Were dead…/They left the lake together. Grendel’s moves demonstrates how he is pushed by way of hate, this in the end makes him the best monster to kill due to the fact as considered in his combat between Beowulf  suggesting that hatred was once now not sufficient to be Supreme Being and defeat Beowulf. When discussing the archetype hero Beowulf, it is published that he incorporates a comparable combat however rather of hating others he despises himself due to the fact he hasn’t done his last goal.