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Compare Public Health Surveillance System in Canada and India

Public health surveillance systems are a vital part of each country’s national health system. In this essay, the public health surveillance systems of two countries, Canada and India, shall be compared and contrasted. Canada is an industrialized country with a closely regulated health system, while India, a vast and densely populated country with a diverse […]

Homemade Organic Pesticide, Economic Profitability

The study focused on the economic profitability of the utilization of homemade organic pesticide for small scale production of Brassica napus L. varchinensis (Pechay). An experiment was undertaken at the Palayamanan Program at the University of Eastern Philippines to determine the effectiveness of homemade organic pesticide in controlling or preventing insect infestation in Pechay, to find out the effective […]


Beowulf’s epic exhibits three monster archetypes, every related to an inside battle Beowulf is experiencing. Ultimately, his battles with every monster lead to his victory over every demon within. As Beowulf efficaciously defeats Grendel’s Mother, he describes this as follows: “The water used to be calm and clean, the total lake/was peaceable as soon as the demons who lived/in it/Were dead…/They left the lake together. Grendel’s moves demonstrates how he is pushed by way of hate, this in the end makes him the best monster […]

kid wanting to play soccer profesionally

In the practice I fail and fail, and they take the ball away from me, but I remember my dream and I keep playing and trying, one day I will make it.      I was a young person pursuing a desire my dream was to travel to Brazil and play professionally. My father’s advice to […]

Factor of production

The factor of production is an economic term that describes the inputs used in the production of goods and services in order to make an economic profit. These include any resources needed for the creation of a good or a service. These factors of production are land, which is natural resources used as raw mater. […]


You have a small excavation firm and wish to purchase a small backhoe. Based on your research, you need to have $54,000 to purchase one used. If your cost of capital is 0.50%/month and you want to recover your capital (on a Present Worth basis) in 20 months, how much profit must this backhoe generate […]


Having a car is a good thing if you have the cash. The good thing about cars is that you can choose any according to your pocket. It’s either new or a used one. There are a few things that one needs to consider when finally deciding that this is the car am buying.