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Gérard, François’s Life And His Works

He spent most of his childhood in Rome. His talent as an artist revealed itself early and during this period he acquired a love of Italian painting and music, which he never lost. In 1782 his family returned to Paris, where, through the connections of his father’s employer Louis-Auguste le Tonnelier, Baron de Breteuil, Minister […]

The Sleeping Muse: Primitivizing Modern Sculpture as “Nomadic” Sculpture

Historian Amelia Jones described an artist as a conceptual construction that is intimately dependent on economic, social, and political formations. Brancusi, on the other hand, was an avant-garde artist who majorly used primitive sources of art to create his abstraction.  He is among the most influential sculptors of the 20th century, who is also considered […]

Arthur Mitchell and Her Contribution To Dance

Arthur Mitchell was the first African American who was a principal dancer with a major American classical ballet company. Mitchell was born on March 27, 1937 in New York’s Harlem section. He discovered his love for dance at an early age, and a guidance counselor who saw him dance recommended that he should attend the […]

Dr. Elizabeth Hairston – McBurrows: Influence In Christian Dance Essay

Dr. Elizabeth Amelia Hairston-McBurrows directed and founded The Liturgical Expressions, Inc. She is very influential in dance especially within dance, especially in the Christian community. A few examples of people who have benefitted from her include world renowned Alvin Ailey and Marian Anderson. In 1965, Dr. Hairston-McBurrows finished a mid-year escalated course of study in […]